volunteer today
volunteer today


Roosevelt Something To Eat

Friday June 05, 2015

Join us as a volunteer while we engage students to act compassionately by packing meals for the local community! 

Jeremy Affeldt Charity Bash

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Join celebrity bartenders including San Francisco Giants players & coaches for a night of food, drinks, live auction, door prizes, entertainment and autographs.

Jeremy's BLog

Proud to Love an Orphan

A friend just got home from Haiti, and she had a tough, tough time. She spent a few days at an orphanage in Les Cayes, just hanging...

Freedom from Fear and Shame

Are you doing good works so that God will smile on you? How’s that working out for you? When I meet people motivated by a works...

Love In Friendship

Trust allows you to freely accept and love others. When you trust people, you don’t judge or condemn them. You don’t react...

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