Our Interns

Generation Alive is commited to raising up the next generation of leaders.  Each Intern learns key skills needed to lead in the non-profit world.  They are requied to study books and articles surrounding issues relatated to leadership, program development, poverty, and injustice.  The Intern is also commited to working with one school district in the Spokane area, developing Generation Alive programs in specific school districts. 


2014 Summer Intern


Catarina Tarvin - Whitworth University


Our 2013/2014 Interns:


2nd Year Interns:

Veronica Fetzer - Whitworth University 2nd Year Intern

Kaylyn Carson - Mead High School 2nd Year Intern


1st Year Interns


Andrew Roliins - Whitworth University

Alisa Stang - Whitworth University

Breanna Lyons - Whitworth University

Ivory Wheeler - Whitworth University

Jessica Amzen - Whitworth University

Meilssa Callaghan - Whitworth University

Makayla Jones - Shadle Park High School

Phillip Incouye - Whitworth University Graduate



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